We provide affordable, effective, efficient health care services to the people of Ikorodu

Welcome to General Hospital Ikorodu

General Hospital, Ikorodu is dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care in a compassionate and personalized manner while keeping within the local, social, cultural and economic environment.

We provide secondary level, specialist healthcare services to the people of Ikorodu and its environs in all areas of health

Dr. Taiwo K. Hassan
Medical Director/CEO
General Hospital Ikorodu


Our Vision

Taking Health Care Services to its Zenith

Our Facilities

We provide 24- hour Maternal and Child Emergency service, Medical and Surgical Emergencies, Blood Bank, Diagnostic, Nursing and Pharmaceutical Services

Opening Hours

Mon- Sun 24 Hours Daily

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Our Clinical Services

Opthamology, Radiology, Dental, Orthopaedic, DOT Clinic, Heart to Heart Clinic, Peadiatric, Emergency & Surgery…more

We carry out surgical procedures for Out-patient, In-patient, Trauma, and Accident & Emergency.

Running of clinics such as antenatal clinic, Post Natal clinic, Gynae, Peadiatrics and Sickle Cell

Chemical Pathology, Blood Transfusion Service, Haematology, Microbiology, DOT/Genexpert and Virology etc..

Full range of x-ray procedures of Skull, Para-nasal Sinuses, Post Nasal Space, Orbits, Mandible, Computerized Tomography, Ultrasound Scan Service etc…

Orthopaedic Services

 Minor procedures like casting, manipulation, hip spica, wound care, intra-articular/ local steroid injections.

We make basic investigation and diagnosis/ differentials of non-life threatening ailment and give treatment. 

Standard Quality Health Care Guaranteed

General Hospital Ikorodu has become a confident household name to the people of Ikorodu Town, Home and Abroad.

High Quality Lab

We employ state-of- the-art technology to provide you precise results

Qualified Staff

We take pride in our qualified health care givers


Meet Our Expert Team

Meet our formidable team of Doctors and other caregivers

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Dr Olusoji Akande

Head, Surgical Department

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-28 at 11.37.14 AM

Dr Seyi Adelekan

Head, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department

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Mrs Grace Enibukun

Head, Nursing Department


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"A good hospital with hard working staff. But I must confess I only had dealings with the Maternity department. The Midwives were gentle and thoughtful. I had issues with paying some cash because of the short of human resource and it tool like forever to pay the fees I needed to pay for."
Ayodele Adebayo
“I passed by this place, it's a government owned hospital with a large area of land, adequate spaces for car parks, looks clean and neat, big and very attractive. There is ATM provision right in the hospital. It serves the people of ikorodu. It's is accessible”
Abdullahi Abdulkabir
“The hospital was so big, neat, clean and very attractive. Enough trained Doctors, Nurses and Lab. Scientists. I love their services to patients and the way they issues like emergency cases. Enough parking space for staffs cars, patients and hospital' ambulance....”
Ocheja Aishat

Do You have Complaints or Redress?

The Charter/Complaints Officer entertains complaints from patients, customers and the general public. We will conduct an investigation and provide you with a report explaining how we are dealing with your case.

Please write to the  Charter/Complaint Officer, General Hospital, Ikorodu.
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